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  • Add to my SkiindexAbility Plus Online
  • Our mission is to offer increased access to athletic and recreational opportunities for persons with physical and mental disabilities that will create freedom, promote independence, support inclusion, and help those individuals and their families discover their full social, mental, and athletic potential. Active in the Northeastern US.
  • Add to my SkiindexAdaptive Adventures
  • The Mission of Adaptive Adventures is to identify, promote, and provide progressive recreational opportunities for people with disabilities and their families. Adaptive Adventures brings people together through outdoor sports & recreation.
  • Add to my SkiindexAdaptive Shredder by Cliff Cabral
  • Adaptive snowboarders are riders with physical disabilities. Many of us are amputees, but snowboarding is also possible for polio and stroke survivors, people with cerebral palsy, sight impairment, or other disabilities. What is most important is your desire to try something new!
  • Add to my SkiindexAdaptive Skiing
  • What is adaptive skiing? Well in the simplest terms, it is to bypass your limitation and adapt your self, be it with training and or special equipment to go on and ski. There are many types of adaptive skiing, but with one thing in common, it's skiing!
  • Add to my SkiindexAdaptive Sports Association of Durango, CO
  • Founded in 1983 by Dave Spencer a young, disabled, ski instructor and irrepressible visionary who believed that skiing could challenge and increase the self-esteem of all individuals with disabilities. Our mission is to enhance the self esteem and physical well-being of people with disabilities through sports and the outdoors.
  • Add to my SkiindexAdaptive Sports Center
  • The Adaptive Sports Center (ASC) of Crested Butte, Colorado is a non-profit organization that provides year-round recreation activities for people with disabilities and their families. Adaptive instruction and equipment are available for alpine skiing and snowboarding as well as our new Nordic Program.
  • Add to my SkiindexAlois Praschberger Adaptive Equipment
  • There is more in life than using your legs "to stand on your own two feet". The want of movement, the joy of life gave me as myself as wheelchair user, the will in 1982 to modify wheelchairs and to test different types of sledges and monoskis. My idea was to use winter sports and bikes for myself.
  • Add to my SkiindexAlpine Achievement by Lori Batcheller
  • Alpine Achievement: A Chronicle Of The United States Disabled Ski Team by Lori Batcheller is the first book to thoroughly chronicle the history and sport of disabled alpine skiing. Alpine Achievement is highly recommended reading for anyone with an interest in skiing in general, and disability rehabilitation/athletic competition in particular.
  • Add to my SkiindexAmerican Blind Skiing Foundation
  • ABSF is committed to serving visually impaired children & adults, giving them the opportunities and experiences that build confidence & independence that can last a lifetime. The purpose of ABSF is to provide an educational Skiing program that is open to any blind or visually impaired person in the hope of providing both physical and psychological therapeutic value to that person.
  • Add to my SkiindexAmerican Macular Degeneration Foundation
  • Macular degeneration is caused by the deterioration of the central portion of the retina, the inside back layer of the eye that records the images we see and sends them via the optic nerve from the eye to the brain. The retina's central portion, known as the macula, is responsible for focusing central vision in the eye, and it controls our ability to read, drive a car, recognize faces or colors, and see objects in fine detail.
  • Add to my SkiindexAndy Parr the Vision Impaired Skier
  • Imagine skiing seventy-five miles per hour down a frozen mountain race course, through a permanent haze that obscures depth perception and clouds central vision... I can. Andy Paar is a vision impaired member of the US disabled ski team.
  • Add to my SkiindexAspen Camp School for the Deaf
  • Our camp experience is more than having fun. It is ever crucial for Deaf or Hard of Hearing children and teens to experience a nurturing environment with caring adults who are committed to positive growth and development. Every child deserves a camp experience that encourages discovery, exploration, active participation, a joy of learning, and a sense of belonging.
  • Add to my SkiindexAustralian Paralympic Committee
  • We are responsible for Australia's elite athletes with a disability. We facilitate athlete success at Paralympic Games and other major international sporting events. We encourage people with disabilities to participate in sport. We are proud of our athletes and their brilliant successes.
  • Add to my SkiindexBreckenridge Outdoor Education Center
  • National leader in experiential education serving all people, while ensuring that the outdoors is accessible to those with special needs. BOEC programs are supported through individual donations, grants and contributions from private foundations and corporations, special events and program fees.
  • Add to my SkiindexCADS Alberta
  • The Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing (CADS) is a volunteer based organization having as its main objective the promotion of skiing & snowboarding for persons with a disability in order to promote their full integration into society.
  • Add to my SkiindexCADS Ontario
  • Welcome to the Ontario division of the Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing. Creating possibilities for people with disabilities. Use our navigation bars on the left and at the top to find your way around our website.
  • Add to my SkiindexCanadian Association for Disabled Skiing
  • A volunteer based organization having as its main objective the promotion of skiing for persons with a disability in order to promote full integration into society. We believe that any person with some degree of mobility can ski. Persons who are disabled by amputation, muscle paralysis, visual or auditory impairment, cognitive deficiency, etc. are now learning to enjoy winter through skiing.
  • Add to my SkiindexCanadian Association for Disabled Skiing
  • Alpine disabled skiing initially began as a unique form of recreational physical therapy for veterans. Since that time disabled alpine skiing has evolved not only as a form of recreation, but also as a World Class competitive sport. Recreational programs, alpine racing, results, instructor certification, member profiles and sponsorship opportunitites.
  • Add to my SkiindexCanadian Paralympic Committee
  • The mission of the Canadian Paralympic Committee is to develop and grow the Paralympic Movement in Canada.
  • Add to my SkiindexChallenge Alaska
  • Challenge Alaska has great volunteer opportunities all year for those who wish to get involved and learn more about Challenge Alaska and people with disabilities! Challenge Alaska would not exist if it weren't for our countless, tireless volunteers!
  • Add to my SkiindexChallenge Aspen
  • Provides recreational and cultural experiences for individuals who have mental or physical "disabilities". We encourage family and friends to share in these experiences. Challenge Aspen, a non-profit organization, was formed in December 1995, when it took over the 25-year-old adaptive ski program from Aspen Skiing Company.
  • Add to my SkiindexChallenge Mountain
  • Our program is Patterned after the widely known and nationally renowned National Sports Center for the Disabled In Winter Park, Colorado. The Challenge Mountain program is dedicated to helping the physically challenged and mentally impaired meet their maximum potential through outdoor therapeutic recreation.
  • Add to my SkiindexClaw Skis
  • Skis with carbon steel edges, sintered P-tex base, fiberglass, triaxial braid, a wood core and phenolic plastic top, the same basic materials used in most modern skis. But they have something no other ski has, Howe's patented elastomeric suspension system. Manufactured By Claw Skis Inc. Jay Maine in the USA.
  • Add to my SkiindexColorado Discover Ability
  • For more than 20 years Colorado Discover Ability (CDA) instructors at Powderhorn have helped individuals - adults and children with various disabilities - learn to ski and snowboard. We learn to make the most of each and every opportunity. Personal growth and independence is our goal with every lesson we provide.
  • Add to my SkiindexDisabilityOnline Directory
  • The DisabilityOnline Directory features products, services and information of direct interest to individuals with disabilities or illnesses and those around them. All links are visited by either a Top Level or a Category Moderator to confirm content and relativity to the Directory. We strive to provide the most useful and relevant links to our visitors.
  • Add to my SkiindexDisabled Snowsports New Zealand
  • Since 1976 ski instructors have taught disabled New Zealanders to ski. By the early 1980s we had teams regularly attending overseas competitions and we had a strong rehabilitation and recreation programme operating in the three main ski regions. We have always catered for a large variety of disabilities and had physiotherapists work with many of our programmes.
  • Add to my SkiindexDisabled Sports USA
  • A national nonprofit organization established in 1967 by disabled Vietnam veterans to serve the war injured. DS/USA now offers nationwide sports rehabilitation programs to anyone with a permanent physical disability. Activities include winter skiing, water sports, summer and winter competitions, fitness and special sports events.
  • Add to my SkiindexDisabled World Cup
  • As the first year of our four year quadrennial cycle begins, the focus is one of further involvement with the FIS and emphasis on the development of the future stars of our sport. These developing athletes will be given the opportunity to showcase their skills at FIS and Continental Cup races in an attempt to prepare them for the World Cup circuit.
  • Add to my SkiindexDiscovery Blind Sports
  • Discovery is dedicated to fostering self-sufficiency in blind and visually impaired children and adults by improving their mobility, confidence, independence, and social skills through involvement in physical activities. Discovery addressed these goals by pioneering methods for teaching challenging sports to people with little or no vision.
  • Add to my SkiindexEagle Mount - Bozeman Inc.
  • Therapeutic recreation programs offered for people with disabilities and children with cancer. Starting with 100 participants the first year, Eagle Mount - Bozeman Inc. now serves over 700 people per year. Skiing was the first program offered and now the programs have been expanded to include camps for children with cancer, swimming, horseback riding, golf, ice skating, and others.
  • Add to my SkiindexEldora Special Recreation Program
  • Provides therapeutic winter recreation opportunities designed for individuals who require adaptive equipment and/or special instruction. The students who take advantage of the programs offered by ESRP have special needs that cannot be met by traditional ski school teaching methods. Participants must be at least 5 years of age to participate.
  • Add to my SkiindexFollow Me Outdoors Snow Skiing
  • A personal site to help those with disabilities that life in the great outside can become very accessible. It is definitely worth the price of admission though to catch the view and shush down some slopes. Granted, it's a little more dangerous than other rec activities, but it's also more exciting.
  • Add to my SkiindexFriends For Athletes
  • Friends For Athletes is honored to have helped more than 50 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes and their families enjoy the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympic Games. We look forward to offering more t-shirts for Olympic hopefuls in 2004.
  • Add to my SkiindexGreek Peak Sports for the Disabled
  • Provides a snow sports experience for disabled people whose disabilities would not allow them to utilize the traditional snow sport teaching process available from the Greek Peak Ski Resort Snow Sports School. Our adaptive teaching program is suited for those from 6-60 years of age with hearing impairments, visual impairments, amputations, developmental disabilities, autism, cerebral palsy and partial paralysis.
  • Add to my SkiindexInternational Paralympic Committee
  • International representative organisation of elite sports for athletes with disabilities. IPC organises, supervises and co-ordinates the Paralympic Games and other multi-disability competitions on elite sports level, of which the most important are world and regional championships.
  • Add to my SkiindexLiving Well With A Disability
  • Resource guide to living well with a disability. Activities include ski lessons at Whitetail and Camelback ski resorts in Pennsylvania.
  • Add to my SkiindexMaine Handicapped Skiing
  • MHS is the largest, best-known year-round adaptive recreational program teaching winter adaptive sports including downhill and cross country skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing to over 250 adults and children with physical disabilities attracting students from Maine, New England, the United States, Canada and Great Britain.
  • Add to my SkiindexMencap Disability Pages
  • These pages have been built so people with a learning disability can use them easily. Mencap can give you information on things like housing, jobs, benefits and local services. We work with people with a learning disability and their families and carers.
  • Add to my SkiindexMomentum Scotland
  • The Momentum group has more than 50 years of experience assisting disabled and excluded people throughout the country to achieve their potential and realise their goals. Formerly known as Rehab Scotland, we became Momentum in March 2003.
  • Add to my SkiindexNational Ability Center
  • The Center is committed to the development of lifetime skills for people of all ages and abilities by providing affordable outdoor sports and recreational experiences in a nurturing environment. Integration into the community through disabled sports is our focus and we accomplish that by allowing individuals of all abilities to discover their own strengths and interests.
  • Add to my SkiindexNational Sports Center for the Disabled
  • Provides therapeutic recreation and competitive opportunities for children and adults with disabilities. As a part of what has been called the greatest expansion effort in the NSCD's history, the organization announced in December that it has partnered with the Whistler Adaptive Ski Program in offering ski and snowboard lessons to individuals with disabilities at Whistler Blackcomb.
  • Add to my SkiindexNew England Handicapped Sports Association
  • NEHSA is a group of people who pool their knowledge, skill and courage to participate in sports activities. Skiing, however, is still the central sport because of its amazing adaptability to many types of disabilities.
  • Add to my SkiindexNew England Regional Ski For Light
  • It is the mission of New England Regional Ski for Light to sponsor physically demanding sports. In the winter, we cross country ski; in the summer, we hike, canoe, and tandem bicycle. Disabled and non-disabled join together in a unique one-on-one partnership to learn from each other in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere of camaraderie.
  • Add to my SkiindexOptical Illusion Ski Club
  • Optical Illusions the Michigan Blind Skiers Association evolved in the early 1970s from a Chicago based group the "American Blind Skiing Foundation." Optical Illusions (OI) aquaints former skiers (and non-skiers) who became blind or visually impaired with the enjoyable sport of snow skiing by pairing them with a sighted guide.
  • Add to my SkiindexScope
  • Scope is a disability organisation in England and Wales whose focus is people with cerebral palsy. Scope's aim is that disabled people achieve equality: a society in which they are as valued, and have the same human and civil rights, as everyone else.
  • Add to my SkiindexScotland's Alternative Skiers
  • The SAS Club was founded in October 1989 out of the necessity to help provide skiing facilities, equipment and opportunities for disabled people in Scotland At present only a small percentage of disabled people can experience the thrills and exhilaration which the sport of skiing can offer.
  • Add to my SkiindexSitski Gruppen Totalskidskolan
  • If you are an experienced skicart- or monoski/sitski-user, and if you want to push your boundaries a little bit further - your should join us when we go to Riksgränsen for a week of advanced skiing and Heliskiing.
  • Add to my SkiindexSki for Light
  • Ski for Light, Inc. is a nonprofit organization founded in 1975 to promote the physical fitness of visually- and mobility-impaired adults, in an environment where "we can't" is replaced with "we can." Disabled and able-bodied people join together in a one-on-one partnership to learn from each other through physically-demanding activities.
  • Add to my SkiindexSki for Light Canada
  • A program of skiing or ski touring, for visually impaired and other physically handicapped people. A way for disabled people to get involved in vigorous physical activity. Brings together handicapped and non-handicapped people from throughout Canada.
  • Add to my SkiindexSpecial Olympics
  • An organization dedicated to empowering individuals with mental retardation to become physically fit, productive and respected members of society through sports training and competition. Special Olympics offers children and adults with mental retardation year-round training and competition in 26 Olympic-type summer and winter sports.
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