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  • Add to my SkiindexTanita Body Fat Monitor/Scales
  • Designed for repeated use by a single individual. Moderately priced, they can be pre-programmed with personal data to speed the measuring process. Available with two modes calibrated for different body types.
  • Add to my SkiindexTeton Snowboard Keychain & Bottle Opener
  • All TETON Snowboard products are made of durable, lightweight aluminum and are available in 12 different high quality, anodized finishes. Bored Keychains will customize with your name, company logo, artwork or anything else you can think of.
  • Add to my SkiindexThe ABT Buckle
  • Advanced Buckle Technology that allows adjusting the tension while engaged. With the ABT unit the handle can be closed at the lowest resistance and the desired tension dialed up by way of a worm gear operated by a knob in the buckle handle.
  • Add to my SkiindexThe Polecat Ski Storage System
  • A product that is definitely the result of narrow minded thinking. A storage system that takes up an amazingly small amount of space. The efficiency and versatility of the PoleCat is in it's hooks and hangers (the hooks/hangers have a rubber coating so you won't have to worry about scratching your expensive sports equipment).
  • Add to my SkiindexThe Strassburg Sock Treatment
  • A simple cost effective treatment for foot pain associated with planter fasciitis, planter fascia and heel spurs. This easy to use, inexpensive device is designed to keep the tension on the tissue (plantar fascia) so it heals in a stretched position at night.
  • Add to my SkiindexThe Temperature Indicator by Vertical Intl
  • The Temperature Indicator is a clear, self adhesive thermometer that can help you stay stay safe if you are skiing, snowboarding or mountaineering this winter and is easily attached to a ski pole, snow board, or other items of equipment.
  • Add to my SkiindexThermo-Pad Hand Warmer
  • Safe instant hand warmer that you can re-use hundreds and hundreds of times. To use, simply flex the disc in the liquid pad and the contents will crystallize at a safe preset temperature. To recharge, simply place the pad in boiling water for five to ten minutes to return the crystals to their liquid state, once cool the pad is now ready to re-use.
  • Add to my SkiindexTimbuk2 Accessories
  • City-born and street-tough, Timbuk2 has been a San Francisco original since 1989. Stitch-by-stitch, bag-by-bag, we've built a solid reputation and a loyal following among real-life, hard-working bicycle messengers and cycling enthusiasts.
  • Add to my SkiindexTimeTech Sports Timing Equipment
  • Innovators in advanced precision timing, and bar coding products. The Sprint8, SR1000, SkiPro3000, SprintPro, CCD Wedge, Trial Timer, Time Study, ScanPro, and many others. Several accessories including cable, serial connectors, finish buttons, laser sensors, transducers and many many more.
  • Add to my SkiindexTimex Personal Sport & Health Timing
  • Sport-timing functions perfected by 20 years of industry leadership. Designs that leave no doubt about the watches' capabilities or their owners' lifestyles. Not forgetting to leave room for creativity -- we've designed a new collection of dress Ironman styles. See the refinement that years of feedback from athletes can produce.
  • Add to my SkiindexToe Jam Spreader
  • The Toe Jam Spreader is used for stretching for width, length, instep height, cuff diameter, and bunions. The entire tool is made of steel rather than aluminum. It does not absorb heat as fast which means that the boot won't have to be heated as much.
  • Add to my SkiindexTognar Toolworks
  • Offering the largest selection of ski and snowboard tuning/repair tools in the snowy waxes, tuning books, boot dryers and more. We ship 'em to folks across the globe and have friendly folks on hand to answer any of your tuning, waxing or repair questions. Ashland, OR based company.
  • Add to my SkiindexTrailFinder Wearable Ski Map
  • TrailFinder is a clear and comprehensive trail map, showing only trails, first aid and food facilities. Conceived and developed to solve the problems of regular paper trail maps. On your arm and always in view, like a wrist watch! Laser printed on durable waterproof material and comes with an easy-fix coil for secure attachment to your arm or suit.
  • Add to my SkiindexTreadmills by SportsArt Industrial
  • Founded in 1977, SportsArt Industrial is a global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative, high quality cardiovascular exercise equipment for health clubs, commercial facilities, and consumers. Woodinville, WA based company.
  • Add to my SkiindexTrikkz Extreme Grind Rails
  • Leading manufacturer of Grindrails and Ramps for Skateboards, Snowboards, Inline Skates and BMX. We sell high quality and long lasting Rail and Ramp products while maintaining Great Prices! What better way to start your own park at home!
  • Add to my SkiindexTrue Fitness
  • True Fitness offers a complete line of high-quality fitness equipment designed for use in homes and commercial facilities worldwide. Our innovative product line includes treadmills, elliptical trainers, upright and recumbent bikes, multi-station gyms, and TrueStretch, our patented flexibility unit.
  • Add to my SkiindexTSL Sport Equipment
  • But hardly had the equipment been reinvented to the tips of its shoes, backpacks ans poles, then the willpower of the TSL team astonishingly forged tracks along anoteher route : that of developing an idea with even more freedom, and ever more sporting with new concepts as the new Step-in Objective : much more pleasure.
  • Add to my SkiindexUtix Ski Gift Tickets
  • We offer Ski gift tickets that are good for a one day pass at over 180 ski resorts.
  • Add to my SkiindexVirtual Snow Simulator
  • Snow ski lessons in Los Angeles California. Learn to ski indoors on our simulators.
    Alpine skiing or snowboarding... We can improve your skill level very fast. Get in Shape. Learn better techniques and balance. Be ready for your big ski vacation.
  • Add to my SkiindexVortex Backpacks
  • Manufacturing backpacks for all your outdoor activities. Our legendary suspension is the best it has ever been. It represents the very best in ergonomics and performance that the industry has to offer. SLC, Utah based company.
  • Add to my SkiindexVu Vest by Armitec
  • Utilizing a new technology, the VU VEST not only reflects existing light, it has 8 powered lights that flash in short bursts creating a strobe effect. This means a motorist can see you at a distance of 3/4 of a mile, even in total darkness, which is more than enough time to stop.
  • Add to my SkiindexWaterproof SeatShield
  • A Waterproof SeatShield is the perfect way to protect your car seat from sweat, dirt, food and gunk. Our Waterproof Seat Covers are also the perfect way to keep leather seats cool and comfortable in hot weather and warm and toasty in the winter.
  • Add to my SkiindexXi2 Extreme Illumination System
  • Patented portable lighting system designed for use at night on skis, snowboards, snowmobiles and anything else you can dream up of. This is the one and only lighting system written about in both Skiing Magazine and the Wall Street Journal.
  • Add to my SkiindexYakima Snowshoes & Accessories
  • As a Destination Hardware™ company, we're focused on providing the best tools to help you reach your favorite places. Destinations such as the snowcapped mountains in the Shasta Wilderness, where we were inspired to design a better snowshoe with all the premium features at a greater value.
  • Add to my SkiindexYaktrax Shoe Safety
  • When you walk, work or run in a pair of Yaktrax, you will feel the same solid predictable grip you are accustomed to feeling on dry surfaces. There is nothing new to learn -- just walk as you normally would and experience stability on ice and snow like you have never felt before. Yaktrax are simple to put on and take off. Bremerton, WA based.
  • Add to my SkiindexYupi Skishoes
  • Yupi Skishoes add speed, climbing power, fun, excitement and challenge to any winter outing or serious backcountry adventure. Yupi's are great for exploring the outdoors, skiing in powder snow, for traveling to places off the beaten track or simply for going to your local snowshoe or cross-country trails.
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