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  • Add to my Skiindex180s Performance Wear
  • Since its foundation in 1994, 180s has been reinventing the performance wear industry. 180s creates patented performance wear that empowers athletes, even in the harshest of weather conditions, to push themselves to a higher level.
  • Add to my SkiindexABS Avalanche Airbag by Alaska Xtreme Products
  • For over 15 years the ABS Avalanche Airbag has been saving lives. Proven and regarded as the most effective technical device for avoiding death when caught in an avalanche. The rate of survival is 98%! No other product even comes close.
  • Add to my SkiindexActive Ankle
  • If you're looking for your body's weakest link... start with your ankles. According to research, this is the most vulnerable place on your body. Active Ankle braces protect you from injury. If you're already injured, they can speed recovery.
  • Add to my SkiindexActive Wrap
  • A sofisticated system of three gel packs and a washable compression wrap that conforms to the shape of your foot and ankle. When it is time to ice, take one or two of the gel packs out of the freezer, place them in the wrap, and tighten it around your foot using the Velcro straps.
  • Add to my SkiindexAdventure Medical Kits
  • Dr. Weiss is considered the leading authority on modern wilderness and outdoor medicine. He has revolutionized the first-aid kit industry by adapting the latest emergency medicine practices to outdoor environments. His innovations in wilderness medical kits have continually raised the industry standards for outdoor first-aid kits.
  • Add to my SkiindexAJ Sport Luggage by AJ Kitt
  • Every bag is constructed of 1200D Polyester with a PVC backing for durability. All wheels are synthetic in-line skate wheels with ball bearing hubs. Handles are reinforced and double stitched, and every bag is guaranteed. Hood River, OR based.
  • Add to my SkiindexAlliclip Accessory Storage Clip
  • The Alliclip® is a versatile, compact and convenient way for you to store your accessories. If you are a person who loves sports, but finds it hard to keep track of those easy to lose items, the Alliclip is for you!
  • Add to my SkiindexAlpine Accessories
  • Over 350 great items to helpmake your day on the slopes more enjoyable! Tuning supplies, ski bags, goggles, ski racks, kids ski teaching aids and more.
  • Add to my SkiindexAlpine Tools
  • Alpine Tools, Inc. has been providing wholesale products and services to the Ski And Snowboard Industry since 1976. Currently, we have over 1,200 items for use in the back room (repair shop), in addition to a major product line of high-density storage/drying bins for skis, snowboards, ski / snowboard boots and ski poles.
  • Add to my SkiindexAmerican Spas
  • Providing superb quality, outdoor American hot-tubs with many additional features. These tubs provide warm water therapy - a natural healer for physical pain and emotional stress.
  • Add to my SkiindexAmerican Wave Sports Protection & Accessories
  • American made sports protection wetsuits for host of sports including snowboarding.
  • Add to my SkiindexAmphipod Accessories
  • Amphipod's award winning product design, materials engineering and athletic test team use state-of-the-art 3D ergonomic, computer modeling; we formulate, develop and pull together the ingredients it takes to create the best technology, most lightweight, minimal,
    durable, highly functional, great fitting, highest quality. We put the proof in the pudding.
  • Add to my SkiindexAnkle Tx Systems
  • The ultimate comfort in Hot/Cold therapy, designed exclusively for foot and elbow injuries. The Ankle Tx Therapy Systems extremely cost-effective for today’s health care. Clinically proven and tested to treat most all foot and elbow injuries.
  • Add to my SkiindexAntique Ski - The Mark Miller Collection
  • The Mark Miller collection of ski memorabilia including antique skis, snowshoes, sleds and other products.
  • Add to my SkiindexApple Rise Sports
  • A methodology and skiing equipment to teaching children to ski. Apple Rise Sports was founded in 1995 by former U.S. Ski Team member Steve Lathrop with the initial product-line of KID-SKI Teaching Aids. Since then, it has added five more product-lines, although the main focus continues to be KID-SKI because it's unique; it's popular; and it's growing.
  • Add to my SkiindexArchcrafters Custom Insoles
  • Every foot is unique. Yet the shoe manufacturers make shoes for the "average foot". There is no such thing. The foot is a complex biomechanical machine which requires proper support. The only way to properly fit your foot is by measuring every contour and nuance perfectly. We do that using our easy at-home measurement system.
  • Add to my SkiindexArmor Ski by DonJoy Orthopedics
  • Designed to withstand the most extreme sports conditions, these braces move with you, giving you the support and injury protection you need no matter how rough your day, no matter how hard you play. So brace yourself and Never Stop Getting Better.
  • Add to my SkiindexBad Backs
  • Extensive range of pain relieving products, plus the latest medical information and discussion forums to help you keep in shape.
  • Add to my SkiindexBetterThanAir
  • Altitude sickness will ruin your ski trip! Get the Oxygen you need from BetterThanAir. Oxygen products include: portable cylinders, oxygen generators, rentals, bottled oxygen and a complete line of oxygen products.
  • Add to my SkiindexBlack Diamond Accessories
  • We are an employee-owned company made up of climbers and backcountry skiers who are committed to designing and producing the best equipment imaginable. Input into our design process comes from all corners of the world—the gear you use is the result of ideas, experiences and inspiration from a global family of climbers and skiers we trust.
  • Add to my SkiindexBody Saver
  • Keep your skis and snowboards from falling and scratching your vehicle or possibly damaging other cars or trucks parked nearby with...the BodySaver - a great, new product designed to help prevent scratches and damage to your car, truck or SUV while also protecting your expensive snowboards and skis.
  • Add to my SkiindexBohn Body Armor
  • Old injury? Or just starting? You need protection! Our comfortable lycra armored shirts and pants are discretely worn under your outer clothing. Ideal for all ages, skiers, snowboarders, mtn bikers.
  • Add to my SkiindexBoot Buddies Boot Dryers
  • The substance inside the Boot Buddies is a unique chemical combination that rapidly draws moisture into itself. It is the perfect solution to the problem of damp boots. Boot Buddies will draw the moisture from the surrounding boot lining when they are inserted.
  • Add to my SkiindexBoot Dryers by Kwik® Ski Products
  • The Kwik. Boot Dryer collection offers many sizes and configurations to fit your shop, ski area, condo or resort home. The cyclone boot dryers use heated forced air that is provided evenly to every boot. In most cases, un-skiably wet boots will be ready to use again in 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Add to my SkiindexBoot Glove
  • Developed in Alaska, the BootGlove is an inexpensive cover for the toe of your boots and is a very effective product for keeping your feet warm. The BootGlove has been tested to keep the shell of the ski boot as much as +50 degrees warmer.
  • Add to my SkiindexBowtie Ski and Snowboard Carriers
  • Bowtie Original / Kids Ski Carrier Slings are "Simply the Finest" sized right for kid's skis, yet strong enough for adults skis. No small parts to lose, fits all skis and poles. Works with or without poles, truly hold everything snug.
  • Add to my SkiindexBraces by Eastern Orthopaedics
  • Eastern Orthopaedics is the premier orthopaedic device source known internationally for the very best in quality and service. Site shows the most frequently requested items.
  • Add to my SkiindexBronze Ski Sculpture by D.L.Peterson
  • Sculptures are produced in Cold or Hot Cast Bronze, Signed, and cast in Limited Editions.
  • Add to my SkiindexBrunton Outdoor Accessories
  • After a century of innovation, some of the best things have remained the same. For Brunton, headquartered in the high plains of the Northern Rockies, practicality and ingenuity still provide the recipe for success.
  • Add to my SkiindexBula Wear & Accessories
  • The way of life for the rural Fijian is a delightful blend of carefree outdoor existence. Life is colorful, relaxed, simple and mellow. In essence, life is good. This propensity for living life well is what Bula is all about. Everything we do revolves around living "the good life."
  • Add to my SkiindexCADS Skiing Technology
  • A weight bypass of the legs is affected by means of a rubber band, a stick, a string, and a harness. The rubber band and the string lift the weight off the legs and on to the stick. That converts the weight your legs had borne into a force down on the ski.
  • Add to my SkiindexCamelBak Drink Delivery System
  • CamelBak has spent over a decade helping people to maximize their performance, comfort, and health by providing the highest quality drink delivery systems available. Originator of the hands-free hydration category, we focus on technically innovative, high-performance systems that fit your active lifestyle. Petaluma, CA based.
  • Add to my SkiindexCardiosport Heart Rate Monitors
  • Cardiosport offers a lifetime warranty against faulty manufacture on the Contour Lite transmitter belt when purchased in conjunction with a Cardiosport Heart Rate Monitor. Whether exercising to lose weight, to increase performance, or for a sport-specific exercise, we have the heart rate monitor for you.
  • Add to my SkiindexCatstudio Embroidered Pillows
  • Hand embroidered catstudio pillows have been featured in Travel & Leisure, Forbes, Garden Design, Ski, Mid-West Living, Coastal Living, and other national magazines.
  • Add to my SkiindexChanging Room
  • No more driving home in wet, dirty or sweaty clothes after race eventsor training. It pops up and folds down in seconds. The whole thing weighs only 6 lbs.The 6'3"x3'x3' standing unit folds down to fit into a compact carry case that makes it easy to take along. Keep it in the back of your car because you'll be amazed at how much you'll use it.
  • Add to my SkiindexChariot Carriers
  • Now, there is even more choice with the new Cross Country (XC) Ski Kit. Enjoy your favorite trail in the winter while your children are cozy in their protected child compartment. And like all Chariot CTS Conversion Kits, switching to XC Ski mode requires no tools and takes just a few moments.
  • Add to my SkiindexCho-Pat® Pain-Reducing Devices
  • Cho-Pat®, Inc. designs, manufactures, and distributes specific and innovative preventive and pain-reducing sports/medical devices for the arm, wrist, leg, and knee. Cho-Pat products are effective, dependable, and durable and are highly recommended by medical professionals, physical therapists, athletic trainers, professional athletes, and active individuals for their role in preventing or lessening pain and discomfort
  • Add to my SkiindexCloud Nine Toys - Snow Products
  • Specialty Toys - Enjoy your fun in the snow with these fine products: snow brick makers, snow tubes, snowball makers, snow paints, decorate a snowman kits.
  • Add to my SkiindexCompex Muscle Stimulators
  • Champion athletes worldwide use Compex muscle stimulators to get the winner's advantage! Compex products help athletes excel and achieve their dreams by enhancing athletic performance and physical fitness beyond what is achievable through conventional training alone.
  • Add to my SkiindexCount'R Force® Orthopedic Braces
  • Our braces offer both injury protection and functional support. Each brace is constructed with an anatomical design that fits the shape of the body. The Count'R Force® braces are fully adjustable, comfortable, cost effective and proven to work.
  • Add to my SkiindexCrazeeHeads® Decorative Helmet Covers
  • Created for skiers and snowboarders who don’t want to wear a plain color helmet and don’t want to put commercial decals and stickers on their helmet. Perfect for people who want to coordinate their helmet with a specific outfit, and for those of us who want to change their appearance from time to time.
  • Add to my SkiindexCub Sport
  • Cub specialise in Kids Wintersports accessories. Cub products are unique and always match the best in class. We make sports safer and happier for the youngest members of the family.
  • Add to my SkiindexCustom Designed Medals by Crown Awards
  • Design your own medal (minimum quantity required). Medals. awards, plaques, scholastics, trophies, and more. Your inquiries are very important to us. You will have a response within 24 hours.
  • Add to my SkiindexCustom Insoles by DFP
  • Each insole is personalized to the user, creating an efficient link between the foot and boot, and increasing comfort by spreading the workload over a large surface area rather than on isolated pressure points. Salt Lake City, UT based.
  • Add to my SkiindexDiamond Machining Technology
  • With over twenty-five years of experience, Diamond Machining Technology continues to provide new and creative high quality diamond sharpeners to woodworkers, do-it-yourselfers, chefs, sportsmen, gardeners, machinists and hobbyists.
  • Add to my SkiindexDry Guy Boot, Shoe & Glove Dryers
  • The DryGuy patents and research efforts date back to 1994. DryGuy's founder an avid skier has applied the lessons learned from twenty years in the aerospace engineering industry to solve his own problem with cold feet and hands. Mercer Island, WA based.
  • Add to my SkiindexDry-Doc™ Multi-Purpose Dryer
  • How about a shoe dryer that safely dries all kinds of footwear, and also works as a glove dryer? The Dry-Doc boot dryer dries all types of sports gear. Ideal for drying ski boots, the Dry-Doc dryer works equally well on hockey and ice skates.
  • Add to my SkiindexEK Ekcessories
  • Your one stop shop for over 150 unique and functional accessories. Utilizing revolutionary materials and designs, EK continues to set the standard for innovation and quality in the outdoor, security, pet, and ad specialty markets. Logan, Utah based.
  • Add to my SkiindexEndless Pools
  • Provides all the benefits of a full-size pool in a space just 8 by 15 feet. Works equally well for swimming, aquatic exercise and therapy. Allows you to swim or exercise at your own speed, at your desired temperature. Fits easily in an existing space in your garden, garage, basement or sunroom.
  • Add to my SkiindexEndless Pursuit
  • Endless Pursuit is the synthesis of biometric calculations and GPS software converging on the Web. It is designed with the outdoor exercise enthusiast in mind – from road and mountain bikers, hikers and runners to skiers.
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