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  • Add to my SkiindexAdelharz Lifte Kranzegg
  • Easy, beginner to early intermediate skiing in Rettenberg, near Sonthofen, west of Fussen and Garmisch, South Germany. Featuring nice, wide, partly treed runs good for carving and snowboarding, 1,738m of top elevation.
  • Add to my SkiindexAllrounder Winter World
  • Europe’s largest and Germany’s first indoor winter sports area, being 300m long and 60m wide, open all year long, with a constant temperature -5°C and 28% to 10% steep terrain. Located at Neuss, near Düsseldorf, central Germany.
  • Add to my SkiindexBad Kohlgrub - Hörnle
  • Small ski area in southern Germany, near Murnau, north of Ga-Pa, SW of Munchen. 6 easy runs serviced by 5 lifts. Good nursery terrain.
  • Add to my SkiindexBad Tölz - Blomberg
  • 10km of intermediate skiing with 4 lifts in southern Germany, near Munich. 1,246m of top elevation.
  • Add to my SkiindexBalderschwang
  • 25km of mainly intermediate, partly treed terrain in southern Germany.
  • Add to my SkiindexBödefeld - Hunau
  • Small local skiing on mild, tree-lined slopes south-east of Dortmund at 600m-810m altitude. Longest run rolls 1.6km, area served by 4 lifts.
  • Add to my SkiindexBolsterlang - Hörnerbahn
  • 20km of intermediate skiing and snowboarding.
  • Add to my SkiindexBrauneck / Lenggries-Wegscheid
  • The Brauneck is the ideal ski area also for beginners or for those who just want to enjoy the view, the fresh air and the nature in winter. 1 cable car and 17 lifts, 34 km, altitude 700-1.7900m.
  • Add to my SkiindexBruchhausen - Sternrodt
  • One easy 500m long, wooded slope with 110m vertical, served by 3 lifts south of Olsberg, central Germany. Small nursery area included. 680m-790m altitude.
  • Add to my SkiindexBuchenberg
  • Small beginner to early intermediate ski & snowboard area at Buching. 800m - 1,140m.
  • Add to my SkiindexFahlenscheid - Olpe
  • Mild, beginners', treeless, low altitude (510m-590m), pleasantly wide slope serviced by 3 lifts near Olpe, west of Koln, south of Dortmund, with unreliable snow cover.
  • Add to my SkiindexFeuerberglifte
  • Wide-open pistes ideal for carving at Feuerberg, south of Widfecken, central Germany. Altitude ranging from 567m to 834m. Area served by 4 lifts.
  • Add to my SkiindexFichtelberg - Oberwiesenthal
  • Intermediate skiing on south-east facing slopes of the Fichtelberg hill above Kurort Oberwiesenthal by the Czech border. Linked with neighbouring Czech ski resorts Klinovec - Bozi Dar. 900m - 1,214m altitude.
  • Add to my SkiindexFichtelgebirge
  • 10km of mainly beginner pistes in northern Bavaria, near Bayreuth, on the treed slopes of Fichtelberg (1,054m). 665 m - 815m altitude, day & night operation.
  • Add to my SkiindexFurth im Wald
  • Small local alpine, cross-country skiing and snowboarding in the south-eastern corner of Germany, on the Czech border. Mainly beginner's mild terrain, 1,000m altitude.
  • Add to my SkiindexFüssen
  • If you are a genuine winter sportsman Füssen is the right place for you. Here begins the “Vital Land”, which extends beyond the Austrian border and comprises 82 cable railways and ski-lifts. 800m - 1,200m altitude.
  • Add to my SkiindexGarmisch-Partenkirchen
  • A cute, cozy town nestled at the base of the Zugspitze, Germany's highest mountain (9,721ft), located less than an hour's drive from Munich. Ga-Pa hosted the Winter Olympics in 1936, and its facilities are well maintained. Linked with neighbouring Austrian resorts Lermoos and Seefeld (both within 30min drive) by a common lift pass. Great XC trails. Pretty vibrant apres-ski.
  • Add to my SkiindexGersfeld
  • Day and night skiing and snowboarding with mainly beginner to early-intermediate terrain, serviced by 7 lifts. Primarily cross-country area.
  • Add to my SkiindexGmund
  • Mainly beginner to intermediate skiing & snowboarding in 740m - 1,200m altitude.
  • Add to my SkiindexGötschen
  • Day and night skiing and snowboarding on World-Cup runs. 1,307m of top elevation.
  • Add to my SkiindexGrasgehren
  • Skiing and snowboarding on mostly wide-open slopes of the Riedberger Horn and Bolgen mountains. Mainly early-intermediate area served by 5 lifts, 1,400m - 1,700m.
  • Add to my SkiindexGreat Arber
  • The highest mountain in the Bavarian Forest (1,456m, approx.4,800 ft), but with its ski lift, 8km (5 miles) of well-prepared slopes and 4 X-C centers it is also the absolute star of the winter season. This is why the world cup races in slalom and giant slalom take place on Great Arber. And where skiing is so much fun don’t miss the après-ski parties.
  • Add to my SkiindexGunzesried - Ofterschwang
  • Ski region located in the southernmost district Bayerns and Germany, in the region Oberallgaeu, between the villages of Colonel and Sonthofen. Offering skiing and snowboarding for all standards in 1,300m - 1,800m altitude.
  • Add to my SkiindexHarz
  • One of the northernmost skiing areas of Germany ranks among the snow-safest low altitude (234m - 1,142m) mountain ranges. Located near Allenau, west of Berlin, south of Hannover, offering 40km of beginner and intermediate pistes.
  • Add to my SkiindexHochgrat - Steibis
  • Try out one of the longest ski runs in Germany - 5,500m long with 856m vertical. Area offers skiing and snowboarding for all levels, in 852m - 1,708m altitude.
  • Add to my SkiindexHomberg - Ziegenhelle
  • A cozy, compact, small ski resort near Züschen, central Germany. 170 vertical metres of skiing and boarding on well-groomed, treed runs, serviced by 7 lifts. 640m-815m.
  • Add to my SkiindexHündle
  • Over 5km of easy beginner to intermediate skiing in family friendly ski and snowboarding area, serviced by 10 lifts. Good nursery slopes for families with kids.
  • Add to my SkiindexHundseck
  • Day & night skiing and snowboarding on the local wide slope, suitable for carvers.
  • Add to my SkiindexIfen
  • 25km of pistes of all grades, served by 9 lifts in 1,280m to 2,232m altitude.
  • Add to my SkiindexImmenstadt - Mittag Ski Center
  • Intermediate skiing and snowboarding on the varied, partly wooded terrain, serviced by 2 chair lifts. 1,450m of top elevation.
  • Add to my SkiindexInzell
  • A family friendly ski resort in the foothills of the Alps, in south-east Chiemgau, between Salzburg, Berchtesgaden and Chiemsee. Featuring 5 tow-lifts for families and beginners, the nearby alpine skiing area Winkelmoosalm/Steinplatte (30 km), the summer-skiing area Kitzsteinhorn (65 km), snowtubing run and a natural toboggan run, and the Bathing Park with indoor pool and Mediterranean sauna.
  • Add to my SkiindexJungholz
  • Small, family friendly ski area in Jungholz in southern Germany, near Wertach, SW of Munich, NW of Austrian Innsbruck. Offering beginner to early-intermediate skiing and snowboarding on partly treed, well-groomed easy trails, covered by snowmaking.
  • Add to my SkiindexKaltenbronn
  • Smallish local ski resort near Gernsbach with day and night operation and nicely groomed, wide terrain great for carvers and snowboarders.
  • Add to my SkiindexKammeregg - Rettenberg
  • Mostly wide-open skiing & snowboarding above Rettenberg, near Burgberg, between Kranzegg and Lindau.
  • Add to my SkiindexKleinwalsertal Area
  • 120km of mainly intermediate skiing above and below the tree line, served by 50 efficient lifts. Located near Oberstdorf, southern Germany.
  • Add to my SkiindexLenggries
  • The skiing scene in Lenggries (south of Munich) is dominated by the area's most prominent mountain - Brauneck within 700m - 1,700m altitude range. Brauneck has 90 brandnew gondola, three chair lifts (see picture) and no fewer than 16 drag lifts providing access to the various slopes, which can be as long as six kilometres.
  • Add to my SkiindexMittenwald
  • Over 20km of mainly intermediate skiing and snowboarding with truly magnificent views all around the place. Dammkar, Germany's first free-riding area, the Kranzberg chair-lift and the T-bar lifts at the Luttensee and Wildensee, snow guaranteed for the most part.
  • Add to my SkiindexNesselwang
  • Lots of groomed carving as well as off-piste powder riding here! Plus breathtaking views at Tirolean Alps peaks all over the place and many cozy mountain restaurants and huts around. Great place for families, beginners as well as advanced to ski at.
  • Add to my SkiindexNeuastenberg
  • 8km of treeless skiing and snowboarding at Neuastenberg, near Medebach, west of Kassel, SE of Dortmund, central Germany. Extensive snowmaking, 9 efficient lifts, few lift lines. Unreliable snow record because of low altitude (600m-740m).
  • Add to my SkiindexNiedersfeld - Eschenberg
  • A tiny local ski resort with 1 wide, 1km long slope with 130m vertical, served by 3 lifts.
  • Add to my SkiindexOberammergau
  • 6km of easy, smooth pistes above Oberammergau, near Munich, southern Germany.
  • Add to my SkiindexOberhof
  • Mainly cross-country and biathlon resort, but offering limited alpine skiing and snowboarding as well.
  • Add to my SkiindexOberjoch - Unterjoch
  • 34km of mainly intermediate, but pretty varried terrain on wide-open, very well groomed, partly treed trails of Kuhgund and Iseler mountains. 1,130m - 1,559m altitude, great views, extensive snowmaking, snowboarders welcome. Family friendly ski area.
  • Add to my SkiindexObermaiselstein
  • A spa village nestled on a sunny platform in the Alps of the Allgäu, in the extreme South of Germany, between the communities of Fischen and Oberstdorf, not far from Austria and Switzerland. Offering aminly intermediate skiing in 1,400m - 1,800m altitude.
  • Add to my SkiindexOberstaufen
  • Situated in the southernmost part of Germany right in the middle of wonderful Alpine scenery, close to Lake Constance and bordering on the Austrian Alps. Easily reached by train or car from the airports of Stuttgart, Munich, Friedrichshafen, Augsburg and Zürich. Featuring 35km of impeccably groomed pistes for all levels of difficulty.
  • Add to my SkiindexPfronten - Breitenberg
  • Scenic skiing and boarding on wide, treeless bowl serviced by 4 lifts. 1,200m - 1,600m.
  • Add to my SkiindexPfronten - Steinach
  • 30 hectares of mainly open, sunny, treeless skiing & boarding serviced by 6 lifts, surrounded by magnificent Alpine scenery. 1,200m - 1,600m altitude.
  • Add to my SkiindexRauschberg - Ruhpolding
  • Famous biathlon resort offering limited alpine skiing, best fo beginners and families.
  • Add to my SkiindexReit im Winkl - Steinplatte
  • 30km of blue and red runs serviced by 19 lifts in 740m - 1,860m altitude right on the German-Austrian border, south of Munich.
  • Add to my SkiindexSauerland
  • One of the largest winter areas in Germany, 150km from the Rhein/Rhur area and hardly more than 200km to the Netherlands and Belgium. The Sauerland region consist of over 30 ski areas served by 130 lifts in 500m - 843m altitude. Offering mainly beginner and early-intermediate terrain.
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